• Dual system control operation of touch screen and push button; servo controlled lead edge feeder, stable performance and easy operation.
  • PLC directly controls servo motor drive; improves reliability and ensures long term accuracy.
  • Full safety system.
  •  The transmission gears are made of high quality alloy steel (20CrMnTi), hardened and ground, with hardness of hrc58-62.
  • Helical gears with shaft hub connection to reduce backlash and maintain high print accuracy.
  • The one key positioning operating system is suitable for quick change of orders. Functions of automatic zero and memory resetting.
  • The transmission structure is lubricated by dual oil pump; planetary phase adjustment mechanism.
  • Sheet transfer by quick set pull collars.


  • The servo controls the lead edge feeder, which is stable and reliable; non pressure feeding or can be optional.
  • With presetting production quantity to ensure the accuracy or production.
  • Fully adjustable suction control.
  • The dust suction and removal mechanism improves the quality or printing and reduces cleaning time.


  • The servo controls the position between the anilox roll and the stereo with precise adjustment.
  • Printing roller and anilox roller are made of high quality steel with surface grinding and hard chronium plating. Multiple balancing correction is performed.
  • Stereo mounting with the pedal switch or the electric button can be selected to control the forward and reverse rotation for the loading of the print plate.
  • Feed interrupt lifting device with feeding system.
  • Planetary compensator.
  • A PLC controlled servo drive is used to drive the stereo, the height of box and the axial movement, which can be adjusted under both static and dynamic condition.
  • Stereo cylinder is held with a brake when the units are opened so when closed, the same print position is maintained.


  • The servo drives the movement of slot, box height, width, providing highly reliable and accurate results.
  • Polyurethane covered creasing anvil.
  • Liner guides for all head movements.
  • Slot width is 7mm as standard.
  • Planetary compensator gear for reliable and accurate results.
  • Single slot shaft configuration.


  • The anvil cylinder and the die forme cylinder are all made of high quality steel and dynamically balanced.
  • The anvil cylinder and the die forme cylinder will disconnect automatically when the diecut unit is not required to ease the load while machine is running and effectively extend lifetime of the anvil cylinder and die forme cylinder.
  • The servo control compensates for the linear speed of anvil to ensure the consistency of specifications of each batch of products.
  • The anvil is equipped with hunting action which moves 30mm automatically and is equipped with radial differential device, which can make an average wear distribution and prolong the service life of the anvil.



  • Link with main machine to improve efficiency.
  • Layboy can be set for automatic manual operation.
  • Layboy arms can be selected at random, which is beneficial to observe the operation of the product.
  • Both sides of the frame are equipped with heavy safety anti-falling block to ensure the operator's personal safety.
  • Motorised backstop with side tamper squarring.
  • Bomb door operation to allow continuous running and pallet change.
  • Stacker bed can be either fixed, or raise and lower depending on job.




  • Folding mechanism: automatic correction of glue line position, with auxiliary transmission tracking mechanism, to effectively control of glue lap position and ensure the good shaping of cartons.
  • The movement of inside and outside folding belt is independantly driven and the speed between the two can be adjusted through flexible control.
  • The main folding belts are equipped with suction to give greater stability when folding.
  • The gap between belts can be adjusted and controlled to adapt various thickness of cardboard.
  • The segmented belt enhances the reliability of transmission. Servo drive adjusts the speeds of the belts to give consistency and accuracy.
  • Equipped with U type folding pressure mechanism, which avoids damage from crease line to the cardboard.
  • Automatic jam detection with printer slotter cut out.
  • Synchronised folding belt adjustment.


  • Top loading counter ejector.
  • Greatly improves stacking, reduces jam up and eliminates print scuffing.
  • Servo driven to control rise and fall stack quantity and cycle.
  • Operating system equipped with colour LCD touch screen with free switching interface between Chinese and English language. Remote fault finding and maintenance via modem link.
  • Unit is perfectly in tune with the printer sharing data and automatically following the printers needs.
  • The safety emergency stop button is set up, with self locking operation function.