Machine is equipped with a full computer control system that can be networked to the plants production management system. Remote online maintenance is standard.

  • Centrally controlled by PLC and servo drive for fast and accurate production. Full safety emergency interlock between the units.
  • Equipped with HMI touch screen interface on each unit with order memory system. Precise registration and stereo compensation to improve print accuracy.
  • Independant servo drive of all shafts insures printing accuracy of +/-0.15mm.
  • Chamber doctor blade with dual blade, double ink pump and low level ink production system (2-3kg) reduces loss of ink, wash up time and waste water.
  • Multiple servos control front feeding mechanism; high pressure de-static and negative pressure dust collecting device, and the back contact dust removal mechanism are used to prevent dust from entering the printing area.
  • The vacuum transfer section is servo driven and the rollers use wear resistant ceramic coating to enhance the transmission stability and ensure the long term transmission accuracy.
  • The stereo cylinders are driven by an independant servo; when the thickness of printing board and base material changes, the linear velocity is kept consistent by flexible control, and as well as the overprint position; constant synchronization with the line speed of the net roller, so as to improve registration.
  • When the printing unit is required, it is descended in production. Those that are not required can remain stationary, saving operation cost and avoiding mechanical loss caused by idle running.
  • Optional non-stop order changing units.


  • Lead edge feeder with synchronized servo motor and electronic cam control, zero gap linkage between front feeding rollers and shafts ensures the long term accuracy of the feeder.
  • Independant drive allows maximum control of the feed.
  • Direct drives ensures minimum dependence on feed rolls and, as such, retains the intergrity of the corrugated sheet by reducing crushing.
  • The feeding rubber roller and position adjustment of feeding front guage are controlled by servo driving system; data correction is made on the HMI screen or by push button; back stop is also fully motorized.
  • The high voltage electrostatic, contact dust and negative pressure dust section mechanism removes cardboard impurities and dust to improve the quality of sheet for printing.
  • Equipped with independant dust collection unit.


  • The virtual axis multi servo sychronization independantly controls the print cylinder, ink roller and anilox roller.
  • With fast order-changing mechanism, phase correction function and intelligent registration for exceptional print tolerances.
  • High quality alloy steel roll shafts are ground and hard chrome plated, and dynamically balanced to enable stable and reliable operation.
  • Full vacuum transfer with ceramic coated rollers on steel shafts.
  • Automatic lifting of anilox to transfer ink to ensure printing quality and prevent damage.
  • Each print unit is equipped with 5.7 inch colour touch screen, using servo drive to adjust the gaps between rubber rolls, anilox rollers and printing rollers. The adjusting the precision is 0.02mm.
  • The ARO double diaphragm ink pump with automatic reversing device ensures consistent supply of ink for high quality of printing.
  • Each unit is independently driven which eradicates the problem of accumulated printing error position. The automatic intelligent zero set system of the print roller can improve the print repeatability accuracy.
  • The ceramic anilox roller is equipped with the closed cavity double blades to enable the printing of 100-150 dpi.
  • Equipped low ink alarm device, to prevent defective printing products and reduce the consumption of printing ink to save water and time.
  • Self cleaning function to achieve fast cleaning of residual ink.


  • Vacuum transfer with independant servo drive. 
  • The machine is equipped with automatic thermostatic control.
  • Infrared lamps.
  • Single-tube duplex heat transfer to accelerate drying speed and improve operation efficiency.
  • Motorised adjustment for transition table.
  • Optional UV curing mechanism for varnish.


  • With touch screen and button operation adjustment system; full safety emergency stop buttons.
  • Using PLC to directly control the servo motor.
  • Servo driven pre-crease and creaser are synchronised and servo driven gap adjustment.
  • The slot shaft is servo driven with full compensation correction on the run; the distance between rollers can be adjusted.
  • The radial operation of slot heads are independantly driven by servo, which controls the position of leading and trailing knife.


  • With HMI touch screen and full safety emergency system.
  • The transmission of the transfer rollers is seperately driven to correct the position of sheet at any time; the gap between two rollers is adjusted by the servo.
  • The die cylinder and anvil are driven seperately so as to achieve compensation of line speed between the rollers; the pressure between rollers is controlled by servo also.
  • Servo controls the axial operation of die cylinder and anvil for improved accuracy.
  • Set up with anvil sychronization mechanism to provide consistent line speed.


  • Folding mechanism: automatic correction of glue line position, with auxiliary transmission tracking mechanism, to effectively control of glue lap position and ensure the good shaping of cartons.
  • The movement of inside and outside folding belt is independantly driven and the speed between the two can be adjusted through flexible control.
  • The main folding belts are equipped with suction to give greater stability when folding.
  • The gap between belts can be adjusted and controlled to adapt various thickness of cardboard.
  • The segmented belt enhances the reliability of transmission. Servo drive adjusts the speeds of the belts to give consistency and accuracy.
  • Equipped with U type folding pressure mechanism, which avoids damage from crease line to the cardboard.
  • Automatic jam detection with printer slotter cut out.
  • Synchronised folding belt adjustment.


  • Top loading counter ejector.
  • Greatly improves stacking, reduces jam up and eliminates print scuffing.
  • Servo driven to control rise and fall stack quantity and cycle.
  • Operating system equipped with colour LCD touch screen with free switching interface between Chinese and English language. Remote fault finding and maintenance via modem link.
  • Unit is perfectly in tune with the printer sharing data and automatically following the printers needs.
  • The safety emergency stop button is set up, with self locking operation function.