TCY 9pa Mini Flexo

Machine Size:

660mm x 1800mm

Max. Production Speed:

FLEXO:24000 boxes/hr

FG:21000 boxes/hr

9FGT:24000 boxes/hr



  • SUN lead edge feeder with accurate feeding for all flutes and warped sheets.
  • Available for skip feed and feed interrupt.
  • Auto zero-set for feeding position with one push button.
  • Non back- lash transmission gear system.
  • All gap adjustment via eccentric device with corresponding scale.
  • Frequency inverter drive with variable suction control.
  • Optional- Dust vacuum cleaner for sheet.

  • Top print.
  • Highly accurate printing registration.
  • Laser engraved ceramic anilox roll.
  • Ink chamber blade system as standard, available with rubber roll..
  • Programming auto wash ink chamber system.
  • Auto zero- set for printing position with one push button.
  • Optional- Vacuum transfer device.


  • Dual slotting shafts for leading knives and trailing knives.
  • Separate shaft for pre-creaser and creaser ensure sufficient crushing and
  • Auto zero- set for slotting knife with one push button.
  • Standard digital counter with pre- set one order, auto positioning of slot knife
     for box panel dimension.
  • Optional- Single slotting shaft for both leading and trailing knives

  • Heavy duty die cutting drum
  • Hydraulic oscillation movement for anvil drum to prolong anvil life time.
  • Auto zero- set for die cutting position with one push button.
  • Optional- Anvil trimming and anvil drum synchronized drive.
  • Optional- Die cutter unit roll out with side track device.

  • Upper suction belt with down folding for stable performance.
  • Sheet inclined detector equipped in folding section will stop machine
  • Independent motor drive for bottom belt for speed adjustment through touch screen
  • Side guiding wheel tracking box folded edge for accurate flap gap.
  • Frequency inverter drive control system.
  • Optional- “VALCO” Flexoseal system.

  • Full integrated construction with HMI control device.
  • Quick positioning via AC servo control.
  • Top loading device for receiving and stacking boxes.
  • Suitable for die cutting box use.
  • Accurate counting quantity of boxes and eject bundle of boxes.
  • Upper holding wheels to deliver bundle of boxes without collapse.
  • Full closed unit for safety operation.

The TCY 9pa can be supplied in any combination of the following units.

  • Sun® Extend-o-Feed lead edge feeder
  • Flexographic Print Units
  • Motorised Double Slotting Station
  • Rotary Diecut Unit
  • Inline Folder Gluer
  • Top or bottom loading Counter Ejector
  • Computerised Set up with Windows and touch screen operator interface